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'Past Years, Future Fears' by Elegist available to pre-order now

About Us

Summit Distro is an independent Australian record label focused specifically on high-quality limited run vinyl pressing and distribution for some of Australia's most sought after un-pressed heavy music.

At Summit Distro we are committed to producing exceptional sounding and spectacular looking vinyl records for heavy and alternative Australian artists, ranging from up-and-comers to the well established with an un-pressed back catalogue, as well as now-defunct bands who's music has heavily impacted the Australian music scene.

Jacob is a huge heavy music fan from Tasmania, and boasts a vinyl collection of over 500 records.

Jacob is invloved in the managment and distribution of all releases, from project direction through to shipping and handling of orders.

Jamie is a veteran known throughout the heavy music industry, and has an incredible vinyl collection of over a thousand record.

Jamie is resposible for artist relationships and works closely alongside our artists to help bring their art to vinyl.


How much will each release cost?

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Each record we release will be sold for $39.95 AUD, with the exception of more demanding releases, and $24.95 AUD for 7" singles. We're committed to keeping our vinyl pricing as low as possible, while staying true to our goal to bring amazing music to vinyl that otherwise may not have even been pressed, and to do so in a way that is collectable, memorable and exciting. To help alleviate the costs for those who may want to variant collect our artists or releases, we have set up an automatic discount for those who purchase 2 or more products in the same transaction.

When will my order ship?

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Please be aware that as all our releases are pre-orders, our expected turnaround times will vary depending on each release. We aim to fulfil all orders within 4-6 months, however due to the nature of vinyl production, some releases may take longer to manufacturer.

How will my order be shipped?

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We know how fragile the shipping process is regarding vinyl, which is why we pride ourselves on using high quality Qikpak LP mailers from UBEECO. These LP mailers are eco-friendly, are internally secured to eliminate the need for bubble wrap, and are built with a 25mm crumple zone on all edges to prevent damage in transit. We also desleeve all records to avoid seam splits or damage to the sleeve.

For those who want to be certain their record will arrive in perfect condition, we also offer a PREMIUM shipping option which provides further padding and protection.

We have also partnered with Heaps Good Packaging to provide fully recyclable shipping labels and packing tape, to ensure that your mailer is fully recyclable without the need to remove any labels. We also use black compostable satchels for products other than vinyl.

What if my record arrives damaged/warped?

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We are more than happy to help in the unlikely event that your record arrives damaged or broken, however we are unable to accomodate minor cosmetic defects such as seem splits or sleeve creases. We use high-quality packaging that is self-protecting to ensure every effort on our part is taken so your record arrives exactly how it was sent.

For those who want to be certain their record will arrive in perfect condition, we also offer a PREMIUM shipping option which provides further padding and protection. If you choose not to take out these options and your record arrives warped, please be aware that we will not refund or replace your order.

If your record does arrives damaged, please email us with your order number and photo evidence to

Where are your records pressed?

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We are stoked to be collaborating with Zenith Records in Victoria, in an effort to maintain a high standard of quality and reduce long turnaround times, while supporting local Australian manufacturers.

I'm in a band, how can I get our music pressed?

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We would love to hear from you! Please email us at or message us via our 'Contact Us' page and we can look at our options.

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