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Welcome to Summit Distro

Welcome to Summit Distro.

We love vinyl. We love the music, the musicians, the colours, the collectability, and the community. Collecting vinyl is something we both have invested in for many years, and as music lovers and vinyl enthusiasts, being able to own our favourite albums from our favourite artists is what keeps us invested.

Our goal in this endeavour is simple - we want to support a bunch of bands we love and admire, by pressing their releases on vinyl in a super-limited capacity. Small run, hand-numbered, awesome looking vinyl, exclusively through Summit Distro. These releases could be from amazing up-and-coming artists, more established bands with independent releases in their back catalogue, or bands who are unfortunately no longer together but whose music deserves to be pressed.
Our goal in this endeavour is to support our Australian heavy and alternative music scene, and we cannot wait to bring you some of Australia's best heavy music to vinyl.
We hope you will support us as we continue to grow, and with more support comes the opportunity for bigger and more sought-after releases. We cannot wait to begin this journey with you.
Our first release will be announced at 6pm this Friday, the 16th of April. We think you will really like it.
Love, Jacob McCullum and Jamie Archer
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